How to Have a Michigan Adventure

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Michigan is a beautiful state. It has big cities, small towns, forests, lakes, rivers, and sprawling farmland. Are you a spontaneous person? Do you have a lot of time on your hands? Would you like to go on an impromptu adventure across Michigan’s countryside? Alrighty then! Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Type Crystal, MI into your GPS. Follow the directions and drive there.

Beautiful, isn’t it? The lake is lovely.

Step 2: When you are done exploring, type Crystal. MI into your GPS and select the other Crystal, MI.

Step 3: Proceed across Michigan’s countryside to the other Crystal, MI. Make sure you spend some time exploring. Don’t forget to check out the beautiful lake!

***For extra fun try to navigate without using your GPS.***

You will need the following items for your trip:

  • A full tank of gas.
  • A map of Michigan.
  • Snacks 

 That was fun, wasn’t it? Want to try it again? This technique also works with these other Michigan cities:

  • Burton
  • Dayton
  • Flat Rock
  • Pleasant
  • Highland Park
  • Sand Lake
  • Troy
  • Lakewood
  • And many others!

Have fun exploring Michigan! Keep your eyes peeled and you might find one of the 30 Michigan stores that sell Nudge Products!


by Carla Sawyers

Shocking Facts About the Great Lakes you Never Knew

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Hey, guess what! Nudge Printing has some amazing facts about the Great Lakes you’ve never heard before. Shock your friends, wow your enemies, impress your boss!!

#1 Kid Rock was once stranded on a floating dock out on Lake Superior for three days after his friends mistakenly left him behind.

#2 Tupac is actually alive and lives on Beaver Island.

#3 Farrah Fawcet’s signature hairstyle was inspired by the waves of Lake Michigan.

#4 Nine out of ten Private Investigators believe Jimmy Hoffa’s body is hidden within the cement work around the Mackinac Bridge.

#5 To be considered an official Michigan Craft Brew, Breweries must use actual water from one of the Great Lakes.

#6 A committee was once formed to demote Lake Ontario from a “Great Lake” to a “Good Lake” because it doesn’t actually touch Michigan.  

#7 Gilligan’s Island was originally scheduled to be filmed on Drummond Island. At the last minute they changed the location.

#8 When Tom Selleck was in 5th grade, he went swimming in Lake Huron off Port Austin.  A catfish latched onto his mustache and didn't let go until Tom had run to the shore!

#9 Jeff Daniels reports that he has often seen the Loch Michigan Monster when wading near Escanaba, but only in the moonlight.

#10 Tim Allen has never been able to travel to Mackinac Island because he is terrified of ferry boats.

If you thought ANY of these facts were actually true, you need a lesson on the Great Lakes. Luckily, we have a map for that! Our Great Lakes map design is available as a ridiculously soft and outrageously flattering t-shirt. Take the Great Lakes with you wherever you go. Study it yourself, or use it to school your friends. Either way, it’s a win-win.

Okay, we are serious now. Here are some real facts about the Great Lakes…

#11 Sharks have been discovered in all 5 of the great lakes.  Lake Superior is too cold for Tiger Sharks, but Hammerheads thrive there and are rumored to have sunk the Edmond Fitzgerald.

#12 The water in Lake Erie drains in a counter-clockwise rotation.

#13 The only fish willing to cross under the Mackinaw Bridge are carp, since they are not native to North America and don’t understand the danger.

#14 Lake Michigan lobsters taste sweeter than those from the other lakes, but they are not as large as those in Lake Ontario.

#15 Lake Huron was the lone Great Lake containing salt water until the invention of water softeners, after which salt mining in Oscoda stripped all the salt from the water of the unique and special Lake Huron.  If you stick your tongue in the sand along Lake Huron you can still taste remnants of the salt.

#16 If you stand on the shore of Lake Michigan during a west wind, you can smell cheese, compliments of our neighbors to the west, Wisconsin.

#17 There were no black flies in the Lower Peninsula until Mackinac Bridge was completed in 1957.  The flies walked over the extension bridge in order to reach the larger population of the Lower Peninsula.

#18 Grizzly bears have been seen swimming in both Lake Michigan and Lake Erie.  Polar bears have only been spotted in Lake Ontario.

#19 Canoes larger than 10 feet are not allowed on any of the Great Lakes on Saturdays during leap years.

#20 The Great Lakes are such significant waterways that during World War II, German submarines were stationed offshore from Ludington, Escanaba, Alpena, and Linwood.  Another NAZI sub ran out of fuel while waiting to go through the Soo Locks, and an Italian aircraft carrier ran aground off Saugatuck.

Just kidding! Those are all fake, too! Gosh, you need to get yourself a t-shirt!

by Carla Sawyers

Summer Time on Campus: Things to do with Kids

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You already know what time it is. It is summer vacation.  Are your kids are in the throes of boredom? Are they whining? Are you bored and whiny? No worries! Nudge is here to help with list of things to do on the glorious campus of Michigan State.

The Historical Museum

The museum is filled with fun exhibits to explore. Take a scientific walk back in time. Everyone will love the huge skeletons, and you will love the price: free (donations accepted).

Brody Café

Treat yourself to a delicious meal at the Brody Café. The prices are reasonable and the food is delish. Your kids will love the buffet style set up. Sit back, relax, and stuff your face.

The Dairy Store

Who doesn’t love a deliciously cool ice cream on a hot summer day? Eat your treats and see how MSU makes their delicious ice cream from scratch.

The Children’s Garden

Designed to let kids be kids, this garden is beautiful and kid friendly. With many kid friendly areas to explore, everyone is sure to love it, and it’s free!     


Farm Tours

Wondering where the milk came from for your delicious Dairy Store Ice Cream? Stop by the dairy farm south of campus one afternoon and find out! Did you know that you can visit the farms for free? For more information click here.

There you have it. Nudge has taken the guess work out of what to do this summer... least for one day. Give your future Spartans a tour of campus. Keep the kids busy with these fun activities, and the many more you will discover along the way!


Carla Sawyers

It's Great at State: 5 Reasons Why

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It’s no secret that Michigan State’s campus is outrageously beautiful. We know that, we lived there for years! We’ve walked just about every square inch of that campus in sunshine, torrential rainfall, and knee-deep snow. MSU just about never calls a snow day- adulting is hard, mkay? In fact, there have only been five snow days in the history of State’s existence. Why?!?!?! Everyone loves a good snow day, am I right or am I right? Anyhoo, back to the subject of visiting State. Here’s our top 5 reasons to visit campus…

#1 Literally ANY sporting event. Nothing beats the thrill of cheering, “Go green! Go white!” with thousands of other fans. From football to rowing and everything in between, campus is the best location for cheering on the Spartans. And let’s not forget our favorite MSU sports enthusiast, “Johnny Spirit.” How does he make it to every single sporting event at State? Who knows, but it wouldn’t be the same without him.

MSU Football

#2 Crack Fries. Are you addicted? Wanna be? Step into HopCat Brewery in downtown East Lansing and get your taste buds high on Crack Fries. Wash it all down with one of their many craft brews from around the state.

#3 The Broad. Strange building. Stranger art. I will never forget the 50 ft. sculpture of dental resin and teeth I viewed there. I see it in my dreams. It haunts me…. Check out what’s new at the Broad; you won’t soon forget it!

MSU Broad Museum
#4 Brody Café.  Feel like stuffing your face in public? Want to gain back that “freshman 15”? Why not stop by the Brody Café! Delicious food, fair prices, and exceptional people-watching.  We love it!

Brody Cafe
#5 On the Banks of the Red Cedar... Walk along the Red Cedar River, or sit down and relax. Beware of squirrels brave enough to steal food right out of your hands. Spoiled by students and staff, these chubby little guys have got it made.

Fat Squirrel MSU

There you have it. Five of our favorite reasons to visit campus, although we can think of hundreds more. Keep your eyes peeled, because you might just bump into your favorite Nudge Staffer. We’ll be decked out in sweet Nudge gear, of course. Go green! Have your own favorites to add? Comment in the comment section!

Carla Sawyers

Top 10 Reasons to Explore Michigan

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Explore Michigan T-Shirt

Pure Michigan. You’ve seen the ads, I know. It makes you proud to be a Michigander, doesn’t it? If you don’t live here, it makes you want to visit- heck, it makes you want to move. Who wouldn’t want to bask in the enormity of Lake Michigan, watch the setting sun over Houghton Lake, hike the trails of Hartwick Pines, or stroll along the historic streets of Mackinac Island?

In honor of our glorious home state, here are Nudge’s top 10 reasons why Michigan is the Best state in the United States of America:

10. Christmas is celebrated year-round in Frankenmuth.

9. We have the best colloquialisms. You guys want to go up north to the UP? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. 

8. We relinquished control of Toledo in exchange for the entire Upper Peninsula. Booyah!

7. Michigan is home to upwards of 205 breweries and over 100 wineries. (If you, or someone you love, digs craft beer, check out our Be Hoppy design!)

6. Sault Ste. Marie was founded by Father Marquette in 1668, and is the third oldest remaining settlement in the United States.

5. Vernors has been resolving the tummy issues of Michiganders since 1866.

4. It’s pop. Not soda.

3. Sleeping Bear Dunes has been named Good Morning America’s Most Beautiful Place in America.

2. Michigan is home to some of our country’s best colleges and universities. Ahem, Go Green! 

1. We carry a map with us everywhere we go! High five!


Check out our Explore Michigan inspired T-shirt!


Carla Sawyers

"Beer" With Me People...

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Michigan Be Hoppy Car Decal

Michigan is heating up. Everywhere you look you can see the signs of another glorious Michigan summer. Beaches are open, pontoons are coasting, camp grounds are rocking, and craft beer is flowing. Yep, that’s right, I said it. Michigan is HUGE in the craft beer industry. Did you know that there are currently 205 registered breweries in Michigan alone? Hop up because it’s road trip time!

Wait! Sit back down. You can’t go anywhere yet. What were you thinking? First, you must prepare the essentials you will need for this epic voyage! Geez.   

Step 1: Dress appropriately. How do you do that you ask? It’s easy. You need a Be Hoppy t-shirt! Show off your commitment to Michigan’s craft beer industry with this completely unique shirt; only available from Nudge Printing. This trademarked design is available in two different styles for your pleasure. 

Michigan Be Hoppy

Step 2: Go to the Michigan Brewers Guild and print off a map of Michigan’s breweries.

Michigan Breweries Map

Step 3: Convince someone to be your designated driver. Safety first, people!

Michigan Be Hoppy Baseball Tee

So let’s put on our tee’s, crack open a cold one, and Be Hoppy because this Michigan summer has begun!


Carla Sawyers

MSU's Gruff Sparty on Lockdown

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Gruff Sparty College Vault

I bet you didn’t know that MSU has a vault of vintage logos. Well, they do, and Gruff Sparty resides there. It’s his new home, in fact. The Gruff Sparty design is very valuable to Michigan State University and they will go to great lengths to protect it. The University is cracking down, hardcore. The Gruff design is being restricted to only a few select people and/or companies for production. He’s so fancy that he can only grace the surface of the highest quality material. 

You and I both know that Gruff Sparty is special. That’s why the licensing group at MSU is limiting this design. What does that mean for you? It means that it’s going to be harder for people to GET THE GRUFF! Supply will be extremely limited because MSU is in the process of finding everyone who uses this design and is revoking the design from their portfolio!

The good news is this. You can get your Gruff fix right here at Nudge Printing because we have been granted the honor of producing such collegiate awesomeness as Gruff Sparty.  Now this is important, so listen up. You can ONLY get Nudge Printing Gruff on our website, Amazon, and Etsy pages. Spread the word and tell your friends because Gruff Sparty just got promoted to *elite* status. Spartan Fans unite, and get your Gruff on at

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself at .

Carla Sawyers

"Almost Graduation" Shirt Sale!

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Hey Spartans! Graduation is coming soon so we decided to put on a "Graduation" Shirt Sale. If you know of someone graduating from Michigan State University or who is planning on going to college at MSU this is the perfect time to get them a gift you know they'll actually love. Our shirts are super soft and has that favorite tee feeling. Plus they are printed right here in East Lansing, Michigan, home of the MSU Spartans. Thank you for supporting fellow MSU Alumni! Check out our shirts on sale here.

Michigan State University Shirt Sale Nudge Printing Made in East Lansing

Nudge Printing Michigan State on the State of Michigan Super Soft Tee Shirt

Michigan State University Gruff Money T-shirt Nudge Printing

Merchandise FOR Spartans made BY Spartans IN East Lansing, Michigan

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We offer merchandise FOR Spartans made BY Spartans IN East Lansing, Michigan. There's no doubt that every Spartan fan has multiple Michigan State shirts and sweatshirts. But where are they from? Most likely from some Amazon store that sells hundreds of different colleges' clothing and printed in Georgia, Ohio, or someplace outside of East Lansing, Michigan. We are proud to say that we are Michigan State University Alumni owned and operated and all of our products are made in East Lansing, Michigan. We appreciate all of our customers who chose to support a small local business and ultimately put money back into Spartan Nation. MSU is the only college Nudge Printing has a collegiate license with simply because we want to focus all of our time and energy on spreading the Sparty love all across the country. We understand that if you live somewhere like Phoenix, Seattle, or Los Angeles you can't just easily grab a new Spartan t-shirt at your nearest Student Book Store, Campus Den, or Target. That's why we offer FREE shipping to anywhere in the United States of America so we can cater to those huge Spartan fans outside of the East Lansing area. So put your trust us that when you buy from Nudge Printing you're receiving a genuine and authentic Michigan State apparel printed in East Lansing, Michigan. 

Nudge Printing Michigan State University Spartan Apparel made in Beast Lansing, Michigan

| Photo taken by Daniel Couvertier |

Written by Brittany Viscomi.

Flint Can. Flint Will.

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Flint Can Flint Will Car Decal - Stand Up Flint

In recent weeks, the water crisis in Flint, MI has captured the attention of our city, our state, and now the nation. As the story began to unfold and evolve, it became clear that we had a responsibility and a desire to lend our help and support. While the media has done its job by getting the word out about lead in the drinking water in the city of Flint, we started to ponder what we could do to keep our fellow Michigan citizens focused on providing aid. Television and radio have been effective at putting the crisis in the national spotlight, and yet we encountered the reality that a lot of hard work remained in the months ahead. 

This situation deserves more than sixty seconds of fame in the media. Eventually the news cycle will move past the tragedy and focus on other issues, while the residents of Flint will still be fighting for clean safe drinking water. With the long-term goal in mind, we at Nudge Printing turned our attention to an organization working diligently to meet those in need exactly where they are. We sought to support those with a similar mindset to our own and we looked to help in the best way we know how. 

Stand Up, Flint is an incredible organization rallying around the citizens calling this resilient city home. To help get their message out across the state we created two different car decals with the organizations powerful mission statement. Stand Up, Flint hopes to move the situation in Flint beyond facts quoted in speeches or detailed in new reports. Instead, they are seeking to remind the world that not only does this crisis affect real people living real lives, but these are people who have the capability to share their own experience and make a change in the city in which they live. We are excited to provide the organization with these decals and are proud to have a small role in supporting others. 

Whether it is sending bottled water, prayers, or creating car decals, there is room to support our friends and neighbors in more ways than listening on the radio. This is not a time to sit idly by, but it is a time for opportunity. Use the talents you have at your disposal to help people you know stay safe and healthy. 

The residents of Flint are our fellow Michiganders, our brothers and sisters. When your family is hurting or in need, you provide a lifeline for as long as it takes to get them back on their feet.

Flint Can. Flint Will. 

by Alison Whitaker

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