Our Commitment to Michigan State: The Role of Royalties in Supporting Spartans

Our Commitment to Michigan State: The Role of Royalties in Supporting Spartans

At Nudge Printing, we take great pride in being the official source for Michigan State apparel and gear. But what many Spartans may not know is that our commitment to the university goes beyond offering high-quality products. It's a commitment backed by a financial partnership that directly benefits Michigan State University. Let's delve into the role of royalties in our mission to support the Spartan community.

The Official Partnership

Our journey as an official MSU apparel store began in 2011, and it has been marked by a longstanding, official partnership with Michigan State University. As part of this partnership, we have a responsibility to maintain the quality and authenticity of the Michigan State gear we offer. This partnership is more than just a title; it's a dedication to providing Spartans with the best.

Michigan State Partnership with Nudge Printing

The Royalty Agreement

Central to our partnership with Michigan State is the royalty agreement. Under this agreement, we pay a percentage of our sales revenue back to the university. It's a fundamental component of our agreement, reflecting our commitment to upholding the Spartan brand and directly supporting the university.

How Royalties Benefit MSU

These royalty payments play a vital role in supporting Michigan State University. They contribute to a range of initiatives and programs that benefit the entire Spartan community. From scholarships for deserving students to funding for academic and athletic programs, the financial support generated through our partnership helps MSU thrive.

Our Dual Mission

Our mission as the official source for Michigan State apparel is two-fold. We are dedicated to providing Spartans with high-quality, officially licensed gear that allows them to proudly display their Spartan pride. Simultaneously, we're committed to contributing to the growth and success of Michigan State University.

A Shared Commitment to Spartans

When you choose to shop with us, you're not just buying Michigan State apparel; you're actively supporting the Spartan community. The royalties generated from your purchases are a direct contribution to the growth and vitality of Michigan State University. It's a partnership that makes a tangible difference for Spartans of today and tomorrow.

Our commitment to Michigan State is not just about products; it's about supporting a community of Spartans who share our passion and dedication. We are proud to be a part of this journey, and we're grateful for your support in making it possible. Go Green! Go White! Go Spartans!

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