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Top 5 Dorms at Michigan State University

Choosing the right dorm can make a big difference in your college experience. At Michigan State University, each dorm has its own unique perks and quirks. Here’s a rundown of the top five dorms that offer the best mix of convenience, community, and amenities.

1. Shaw Hall

Location: River Trail Neighborhood

Shaw Hall is a favorite among students for its prime location. Situated right next to the Business College, it’s perfect for business majors who want to roll out of bed and be in class within minutes. The hall itself isn’t the newest or fanciest, but it makes up for it with an updated dining area and proximity to the main bus station, making it easy to get around campus. Shaw Hall sits on the banks of the Red Cedar River, providing scenic views and a peaceful study environment. The rooms are decent, and its central location means you’re never far from the action on campus.


  • Close to Business College
  • Updated dining area
  • Near the main bus station
  • Scenic river views
Shaw Hall at Michigan State University

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2. Phillips/Snyder Hall (Also known as "Sny-Phi")

Location: North Neighborhood

Phillips and Snyder Halls are interconnected by The Gallery dining hall, creating a vibrant community atmosphere. These halls are known for their beautiful architecture and close-knit community. Students here often rave about the food at The Gallery and the convenience of being close to downtown East Lansing. The halls’ proximity to key academic buildings and social spots makes them a top choice for many students.


  • Connected by The Gallery dining hall
  • Beautiful architecture
  • Strong community vibe
  • Close to downtown East Lansing

3. Wonders Hall

Location: South Neighborhood

Wonders Hall is a go-to for sports enthusiasts. Located within walking distance of the basketball, football, and hockey stadiums, it’s perfect for students who want to catch all the big games. The dorm itself is fairly modern with co-ed floors, providing a comfortable and social living environment. If you love being in the midst of the action and sporting events, Wonders Hall is the place to be.


  • Near sports stadiums
  • Modern amenities
  • Co-ed floors
  • Active social scene
Michigan State Wonders Hall Dorm Exterior

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4. Butterfield Hall

Location: Brody Neighborhood

Butterfield Hall is part of the Brody Complex, known for its exceptional dining at Brody Square. While it’s a bit far from most academic buildings, the frequent bus service makes commuting easy. Brody Square offers a variety of dining options, making it a foodie’s paradise. The dorm itself is comfortable, and the close-knit community feel of the Brody Neighborhood makes it a great place to live.


  • Close to Brody Square dining
  • Close to bus stop
  • Comfortable living spaces
  • Strong community feel
Michigan State University Butterfield Hall Dorm

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5. Akers Hall

Location: East Neighborhood

Akers Hall might be a bit farther from the main campus, but it’s known for its vibrant freshman community. The hall features co-ed floors and suite-style bathrooms, providing a modern and social living environment. The community-driven atmosphere makes it easy to make friends and feel at home. Akers Hall is a great choice for new students looking to immerse themselves in campus life.


  • Great for freshmen
  • Co-ed floors
  • Suite-style bathrooms
  • Strong community atmosphere
Michigan State University Akers Hall Dorm Exterior

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Each dorm at Michigan State University offers something unique, from prime locations and modern amenities to strong community vibes and excellent dining options. Whether you prioritize being close to classes, enjoying top-notch food, or living in a lively community, there’s a dorm that will meet your needs. Consider what’s most important to you and choose the dorm that will make your MSU experience unforgettable.

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