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How Many People Can Fit in Michigan State University's Stadiums?

When it comes to college sports, few things compare to the excitement of game day at Michigan State University. For fans and prospective students alike, knowing the capacity of MSU's stadiums can add to the anticipation. Here’s a breakdown of the seating capacities for some of the key sports venues on campus:

Spartan Stadium

Capacity: 75,005 Spartan Stadium is the largest on campus and is home to the MSU football team. This iconic venue is one of the biggest college-owned football stadiums in the country. On game days, it fills with over 75,000 fans, creating an electrifying atmosphere that has become a hallmark of Spartan pride.

Breslin Center

Capacity: 14,759 The Breslin Center, home to MSU’s basketball teams, seats nearly 15,000 spectators. Opened in 1989, it hosts not only basketball games but also a variety of other major events, making it a central hub of activity and excitement on campus.

Munn Ice Arena

Capacity: 6,470 Munn Ice Arena is the heart of MSU hockey. With a seating capacity of 6,470, it provides an intimate yet energetic environment for hockey fans. The arena's design ensures that every seat has a great view of the ice, making it a favorite spot for Spartan hockey supporters.

McLane Baseball Stadium at Kobs Field

Capacity: 4,600 McLane Baseball Stadium, the primary venue for MSU baseball, accommodates 4,600 fans. Known for its picturesque setting and modern facilities, it offers a great experience for baseball enthusiasts.

Secchia Stadium

Capacity: 1,100 Secchia Stadium, home to MSU’s softball team, has a seating capacity of 1,100. This cozy venue ensures a close-up view of the action, fostering a supportive and lively atmosphere for softball games.


From the massive Spartan Stadium to the intimate Secchia Stadium, Michigan State University offers a variety of venues to enjoy college sports. Each stadium not only serves as a place to watch the game but also as a community hub where students, alumni, and fans come together to support the Spartans. Whether you’re cheering under the bright lights of Spartan Stadium or enjoying a spring afternoon at McLane Baseball Stadium, MSU’s athletic facilities provide an exceptional game-day experience.

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