Introducing the Tailgate Megabundle!

Introducing the Tailgate Megabundle!

We are at the point in the summer where the temperatures drop enough over night to the point where you wake up with a slight chill and you might need a hoodie (I know of a few good hoodies) as you get ready in the morning. While the rest of the day is still flooded with sunshine and exceedingly warm, these glimpses of more temperate weather always signal the back-to-school routine of going to get a new backpack and school supplies and, of course, freshening up the wardrobe to make all your friends jealous on that first day of school. Waiting for the bus was a particularly miserable affair because you didn't want to wear a sweatshirt or jacket because I'd instantly start sweating once I claimed my seat on the bus or sat down in class.

Now that I am not 13 years old anymore, though, back-to-school means more than just a fresh pair of Nikes from Famous Footwear and maybe a new snazzy Jansport that has so many zippers it really isn't my fault if I can't find my homework. It means the return of our beloved college football; if you're a college student it means another year building towards adulthood and growing as a person but all the while cheering on your team on the field. This year more than ever, that back-to-school feeling is extra special because we get to be together again. A year ago today we were knee-deep in complete fear and uncertainty of what to do about not only not being able to watch football but if we were able to even be together on a campus for the year. While things aren't exactly sunshine and rainbows right now in the world, there's at least a visible path back to what we know, and (for the time being) we can still join together and watch some good old college football again.

And as always (you know where this is going), what's a college football Saturday without a tailgate and some cornhole? I've written at length about our cornhole offerings and the endless possibilities you have in terms of being creative and building your own board, but now those possibilities got even ENDLESSER!

Obviously you can't play cornhole by yourself. I mean, you can, but it's not really that fun, but who am I to judge? So this year, we are offering tailgate megabundles for certain colleges, which is perfect for your next gameday party.

What's in the bundle?

You get 2 t-shirts and 2 cornhole decals - but the best part is, you get the whole goshdarn thing 40% off!

What colleges is it available for?

This is available for most colleges for whom we sell more than one t-shirt design or have multiple cornhole decals available. The colleges that have the megabundle available: Appalachian State, Army, Baylor, Bowling Green, Butler, CMU, Creighton, DePaul, GVSU, Kansas State, Liberty, Loyola, Navy, North Texas, and Texas State. If your favorite college isn't here and you want the bundle, send us an email and we'll see what we can do!

How do I find the bundle?

The bundle is accessible via any shirt you want to buy, or the link above where the FAQ starts. Just with the way our site works there isn't an easy way to make a new product page for just the bundle, so the easiest way to find it is simply going to the shirt, scrolling down past the description and reviews, and adding everything to your cart from there. 

Why didn't you make every shirt available?

Without getting too much into the weeds about internal operations, the short answer is to make sure we have enough stock for you. We are always getting new runs of the best selling shirts, so the odds of one of the bundle shirts being out of stock is a lot lower than one of the less-selling shirts.

It gets cold in October, dummy, no one wants to wear t-shirts then.

More of a statement, really, but I totally get it. These tailgate bundles are mostly to build on the excitement of returning back to tailgating in person and as the weather grows colder, we'll slowly transition into offering more cold-weather products and planning for a special Black Friday release like we did last year. Not to worry!

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