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I hope you all enjoyed your first full-ish weekend of college football! Although only one Nudge team won (Go Army!), it was still wildly refreshing to see college football on my TV at home. I watched the Army and Texas State games in their entirety (well, I may or may not have fallen asleep when Army went up 35-0).
I imagine one of the things people miss most about college football might not always be the football itself but the social aspect of the gameday experience. Seeing old friends, tailgating, eating a lot of delicious food, chasing it with a cold beer, and then rehashing the game afterwards over pizza or leftovers or anything else that strikes your fancy.
Man, I miss it just talking about it. Since we're not allowed to tailgate as we know it, I wanted to share some of the amazing projects that our customers have finished using our cornhole decals! Think of it this way - even though we can't tailgate yet, use this time to make your set of cornhole boards better than anyone else's!
This is from Sherry, who used our Western and SVSU decals for a family graduation party.
This one is from Kimberly and goes to show that you don't need a lot of work to make it look great! Note the shine on the upper left of the board - that is a perfect way to finish it off with some polyurethane!
This is from Jeff - go Broncos!
These are from Courtney - and yes, those are LIGHTS surrounding the boards. How cool is that?
These are from Colleen - I love having some smaller schools as options too because the big school experience is not for everyone, but being a big school fan is! This way, you can still show your allegiance to both!
This is from Chris - I love the use of different colors to bring out the colors of the design in the Texas State logo (but it looks like he needs another decal to make a set!)
And this last one isn't a cornhole board, but I still think it's cool and shows another great way to use any of our decals!
From Stephanie
Hats off to our awesome customers really going the extra mile with their decals. Be the talk of the tailgate with your own design! 
Don't know where to start? Here's how to build a board, how to seal your decal and finish your board like Kimberly did with her Xavier decal, and how to apply your decal!
And as always, if there's a decal you want but can't find, we'll make it custom for you! Let us know in the message section below!


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