Talkin' Shop: What Separates the OGIO Performance Apparel from a Regular T-shirt?

Talkin' Shop: What Separates the OGIO Performance Apparel from a Regular T-shirt?

Hot diggity dog and happy 2022 folks. I hope your New Year's resolutions are going swimmingly (my easy one of laying out my outfit the night before work has not made me any more efficient in the morning) and that the weather is more agreeable where you are than I am.

If your New Year's resolution was to exercise more, then I hope that we can be of service for you here at Nudge. We are in the process of releasing four new premium items from the OGIO Endurance line that are engineered for performance and working out. If lack of quality workout apparel was one of the reasons keeping you from the gym, then we can certainly help you out.

We have four styles available on this incredible garment; a women's racerback tank top, a women's long sleeve t-shirt, a men's long sleeve t-shirt, and a men's short sleeve t-shirt. All weigh no more than 4 ounces (depending on size) and while each has slightly different construction, I wanted to dive deeper into one common thread (ha! apparel joke) they share that makes them great. 

If you've purchased a traditional unisex t-shirt from us in the past, chances are you love it; they're extremely soft, comfortable, form-fitting, durable, etc., but that's not why you're here. Pick an adjective and more likely than not you can apply to one of our shirts, but there's a fundamental difference between the generic unisex t-shirt we offer and the OGIO Endurance apparel. 

Difference 1: Flatlock Seams

One of the first things that a customer will see on the OGIOs is the seams; they're slightly wider and more noticeable than our 60-40, but that's on purpose. Whether you have the shirt inside out or not, the seams are meant to look the exact same around the entire garment. In addition to connecting two panels of fabric together, they are also sewn to each other to create a more durable garment as well as a truly (and I hate that I have to use this word) seamless feel. The shirt feels flat around every intersection, which is huge for a shirt that you'll be wearing while you are working out. 

The shirt on the left is one of our MSU Alumni shirts that we released this time last year. The shirt on the right is one of the new OGIO t-shirts (I picked the men's short sleeve to best show off the difference); both are turned inside out and laid on the table so you can compare the difference. I specifically highlighted the arm and side seam because that is the starkest difference. While you're trying to get a new personal best in your hanging cleans, you won't have to worry about a seam tickling your ribs or anything because there's virtually no seam there. 
This is a more pronounced image showing how much the seams of the cotton-poly blend stick out compared to the OGIO. 

Difference 2a: Seam Location (Shoulder)

Now that you know the difference between the style of seams, equally important is where those seams fall on your body. The image below is an overhead shot that shows the drastic difference between the two shirts. 

Try to ignore the fact that these look like fish laughing at you, but the seams are important. Note on the lower shirt, the 60-40 cotton-poly, there is only one seam going from the neck to the shoulder, but on the upper OGIO shirt each side of the neck has two seams so the shirt moves with you as you are working out.

It's a subtle difference but a brilliant one.

Difference 2b: Side Seam

On our unisex t-shirt, the side seams are meant to create a form-fitting snugness, so they stem from the base of the sleeve and run down your side to the waist of the shirt. The OGIO side seams are more complex, with the men's and women's seams running their own course to create a more specific form-fitting experience depending on which garment you are wearing. These photos are using the men's short sleeve t-shirt; note the straight line seam running from the sleeve to the waist on the green shirt versus the curved and meandering seam on the OGIO.

and in more detail:
The smallest differences make the biggest difference. I am in no way trying to diminish the comfort of our traditional t-shirts; they just have completely different intentions. One is for comfort, and one is for performance. Simple as that.
I hope this shed some more light on our new products! If you have any other questions feel free to email or DM us on Instagram!

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