Baylor Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Baylor Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Baylor University has a long-standing reputation for nurturing and cultivating exceptional talent. Many bright individuals have passed through its hallowed halls, carrying with them the values and knowledge gained during their time at the university. Baylor alumni have gone on to make significant contributions in various fields, leaving an indelible mark on society.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Baylor alumni have proven their mettle in the business world, with many emerging as successful entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. For example, Angela Ahrendts, a Baylor graduate, served as the Senior Vice President of Retail at Apple Inc. and was instrumental in transforming the company's retail experience. Additionally, Brian T. Moynihan, the Chairman and CEO of Bank of America, earned his J.D. from Baylor Law School and has made significant contributions to the banking industry. 

Politics and Public Service

Baylor alumni have also made their mark in the realm of politics and public service. Kay Granger, a proud Baylor alumna, serves as a U.S. Representative from Texas and is known for her dedication to education and defense issues. Another notable figure is Chet Edwards, who represented Texas's 11th and 17th congressional districts and championed various causes, including veterans' affairs and healthcare.

Sports and Athletics

Baylor University boasts an impressive athletic program, and many former student-athletes have gone on to achieve great success. One such example is Robert Griffin III, also known as RG3, who won the Heisman Trophy as Baylor's star quarterback in 2011. After his college career, he played in the NFL and has become an influential figure in sports.

Entertainment and Arts

Baylor alumni have also made significant contributions to the world of entertainment and the arts. Angela Kinsey, known for her role as Angela Martin in the hit TV series "The Office," graduated from Baylor and went on to have a successful acting career. Another Baylor graduate, Thomas Sadoski, has appeared in numerous films and TV shows, showcasing his talent as an actor.

Science and Innovation

Baylor alumni have excelled in the fields of science and innovation, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and technology. Dr. Paul Farmer, a Baylor graduate, co-founded Partners In Health, a nonprofit organization that provides healthcare to those in need around the world. His work has been instrumental in improving healthcare access in impoverished regions.

Baylor University has produced a diverse group of accomplished individuals who have made their mark in various domains. From business and politics to sports and entertainment, Baylor alumni have excelled and continue to inspire others with their achievements. The university's commitment to excellence and its nurturing environment have played a significant role in shaping the success stories of its graduates. As Baylor continues to empower future generations, we eagerly await the next wave of alumni who will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on the world.


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