What's with the new name?

We believe that everyone is capable of doing something AMAZING. However, people don't always see that in themselves. The majority of people live their entire lives without reaching their full potential. Every day clinging to what they are comfortable with but never taking the next step into doing something great.

"Everyone has the potential of doing something great. Some just need a little nudge."


Nudge Printing - Some people just need a little nudge




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What happened to Campus Wall Decals

The name Campus Wall Decals worked out well at first, but let's be honest... it's boring. We wanted something that actually meant something to us. Something that would really represent how we feel about life and the people we share it with.

What's with the new website?

Seeing as how we were changing the name and logo we decided to start fresh with a new website as well. Plus, this one allows us to provide more information, better graphics, and overall a better representation of us.

A flying pig... seriously?

That's right.. we chose a flying pig wearing goggles as our mascot. 1. Flying pigs are awesome. 2. Flying pigs wearing goggles are even cooler. 3. Why not?

Does the pig have a name?

You betcha! His name is Sterling and will be making an appearance all around our website.

Do you have the same owners?

Yup! Gabe and Brittany Viscomi are still the owners. Click here if you want to learn more about them.