Nudge Printing Piggy Bank Investment Program

A portion of every purchase is used to
invest in and support other small businesses

We are more than just your typical t-shirt business. We care about other small businesses and entrepreneurs. That's why we created the Piggy Bank.

A portion of each sale gets deposited into an internal fund that Nudge Printing manages. Each quarter, we review the Piggy Bank and any opportunity to either provide a grant or make an investment in another small business. Any business in any location.  

Our goal is to help aspiring entrepreneurs take their business from an idea to reality.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? 

We would love to hear about your business! Please submit your information below. We will do what we can to help provide advice, encouragement, or even financial support where needed. By hitting submit, you will be added to our monthly newsletter. 

As much as we would love to invest in every opportunity submitted, the reality is that we can't. However, we promise to review each opportunity on a quarterly basis and to help the best way we see fit. Some opportunities may justify a simple grant, others could just be sharing advice from what we have learned, and a few may lead to an investment. Either way, we will do what we feel benefits the most people, our customers, and our community. This fund is owned and operated entirely by Nudge Printing. Nudge Printing is a for profit business and its ownership will decide how these funds are used and allocated.