FAQ - Nudge Printing

What is your mailing address?

2767 Carnoustie Dr, Okemos, Michigan, 48864

What is your phone number and email address?

(517) 292-3034 | info@nudgeprinting.com

How do you apply a vinyl decal bumper sticker? Watch this...


What is the difference between your Vinyl Decals and Wall Decals?

Our Vinyl decals are meant to be applied to cars, trucks, iPads, laptops, mailboxes, grills, cooler, any smooth flat surface. Vinyl decals are made to last on the applied surface for multiple years and can be removed (without ruining or damaging the car). Vinyl decals can be removed with your fingernails or sharp blade. The decal will come apart in pieces and therefore not repositionable. In contrast, our Wall Decals ARE RESPOSITIONABLE. You can stick and re-stick these over and over without leaving a residue behind or damaging the wall. Wall decals are really only to be placed on interior walls or the inside wall in a garage. Basically you don't want to get a wall decal wet, but you can get a vinyl decal wet. 

Do I peel the clear tape layer off decals or leave it on for extra protection?

Peel it off! The clear transfer layer is meant only for positioning purposes. If you leave that on, not only does it look silly and takes away from the beautiful decal but that material is not meant to hold up in weather like our vinyl decal material is meant to do. So as a PSA, if you see someone with that clear square around their decal sticker on their car, tell them to peel it off. 

Where are you located?

Our company is located in Okemos (a suburb of East Lansing), Michigan, USA. We are primarily an online store and our products are in numerous stores around the state of Michigan. We do not have a physical store...yet!

Do your vinyl car decals stick on the outside or the inside and what are they made of?

All of our car decals are made for the outside of your vehicle. We specifically use an outdoor safe vinyl to keep your decal looking good. We suggest applying to the outside of vehicles since most car windows are tinted. All of our car decals are made of a highly durable all-weather outdoor vinyl. Each car decal is intended to be stuck on the outside of your vehicle. They can go though car washes just fine too.

What are your wall decals made of?

All of our wall decals are made of a highly durable matte material which is then printed and cut to the design requirements. They are intended for indoor use only and completely repositionable.

What is your return policy?

We want you to be happy with your purchase! There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee with every Nudge product. If you're not happy with our products we'll refund your purchase.

What if it arrives damaged?

If your decals arrive damaged contact us immediately via e-mail (info@nudgeprinting.com). Products will be replaced at no additional cost.

What if I get it and I don't like it?

Having buyer's remorse? No problem, we will refund your order and pay to ship it back to us.

Is this a licensed product?

Yes! Our collegiate products are officially licensed...totally legit stuff here!

How long will it take to ship?

In stock decals will leave the shop the following day! From there, expect a 2-6 day transit time depending on your location.

How is the product shipped?

Depending on the quantity or product you purchase we will either send in a tube or a flat rigid envelope via USPS.

Will it Wall Decals damage my wall?

Our wall decals are specifically designed to not cause any damage to your wall or leave a sticky residue when removed. When you're ready to take it down simply peel it off your walls. No residue and no damage. The car/outdoor Vinyl decals may take some paint off your wall if you stick them to interior walls so we don't suggest that.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact us at info@nudgeprinting.com.