Improvement over Innovation - An easier way to start a business

Improvement over Innovation - An easier way to start a business

Let's unravel the truth about entrepreneurship and debunk a common misconception. Many aspiring entrepreneurs are held back by the notion that they must come up with an entirely new, groundbreaking business idea to succeed. But in reality, the path to success often lies in enhancing existing concepts.

Picture this: you want to start a business, but the weight of finding the "next big thing" holds you back. The truth is, having an original idea isn't the ultimate prerequisite for entrepreneurial success. Instead of chasing elusive unicorns, consider this fresh perspective: make the good better.

Take Nudge Printing, my collegiate t-shirt printing business, for instance. In a world teeming with similar ventures, we've been consistently grown our revenue since 2011 by focusing on improving aspects that others tend to overlook. It's not about reinventing the wheel; it's about making it better than the competition. Perhaps it's a less expensive product, better customer service, or an easier return policy. Buyers will buy based on what is best for them personally. 

Quit chasing the myth of a game-changing idea that'll reshape the cosmos. Instead, direct your energy toward finding a business with potential for improvement. Are local pizza joints lackluster? Maybe that's your gateway to a successful venture.

The essence is this: ditch the grandiosity and start modestly. Begin with a business that's your learning canvas, your training ground for mastering the ropes. Remember the wisdom of Steve Jobs, who nudged us to dent the universe? Well, it begins with that first nudge, refining and learning along the way.

So, here's to the doers, the improvers, the entrepreneurs who dare to start small and end up making big impacts. You don't need a revolution to change the world—sometimes, all it takes is a nudge in the right direction. (see what I did there??)

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