From Flying Pigs to Soaring Corgis: Our Logo Evolution

From Flying Pigs to Soaring Corgis: Our Logo Evolution

Welcome to the new era of Nudge Printing! If you've been with us for a while, you might remember our beloved flying pig logo that has been our symbol for over a decade. But change is in the air, and we're excited to unveil our fresh look – a winged Corgi! Why the change, you ask? Well, here's the scoop.

Why We Made the Leap:

1. Time for a Change: After 12 amazing years of our iconic flying pig, it was time for something new and exciting. We've grown, evolved, and so should our logo.

2. Fun and a Little Ridiculous: Life is too short to be serious all the time, and we wanted a logo that reflects our fun-loving, down-to-earth spirit. What could be more fun and a tad ridiculous than a Corgi with wings? It's bound to make you smile!

3. Unforgettable: We've all seen flying pig designs, and you can spot them almost everywhere, from souvenir shops to your favorite breakfast spot. We wanted something truly unique, something you'd never expect. A flying Corgi – now that's memorable!

So, here it is, our brand new look – a Corgi with wings. We hope you love it as much as we do. It's a symbol of change, fun, and our commitment to creating apparel and accessories you'll want to wear every day. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we can't wait to soar to new heights with you and our whimsical winged pooch!

Stay tuned for exciting things to come at Nudge Printing. Your support means the world to us, and we're thrilled to have you along for the ride.

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