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What conference is Grand Canyon University in?

Hey sports fans! Grab your popcorn and settle in because we have some exciting news in the world of college athletics. If you’ve been wondering, “What conference is Grand Canyon University (GCU) in?” the answer is now the West Coast Conference (WCC)! That’s right, GCU has officially accepted an invitation to join the WCC, starting in the 2025-26 academic year​.

From the Desert to the Coast

Grand Canyon University, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is making waves by joining a conference historically known for its competitive prowess and elite basketball programs. The WCC, which already features heavyweights like Gonzaga and Saint Mary’s, will now include GCU, adding even more excitement to the mix​.

A Bit About the WCC

The WCC was formed in 1952 and has grown to become a nationally recognized force in Division I athletics. The conference emphasizes values such as integrity, respect, and collaboration, which align perfectly with GCU’s mission​.

Other Schools

The West Coast Conference is a vibrant and diverse conference with schools located primarily along the West Coast of the United States. Here’s the full list of member schools, including the latest additions:

  1. Gonzaga University (Spokane, Washington)
  2. Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, California)
  3. University of the Pacific (Stockton, California)
  4. Pepperdine University (Malibu, California)
  5. University of Portland (Portland, Oregon)
  6. Saint Mary's College of California (Moraga, California)
  7. University of San Diego (San Diego, California)
  8. University of San Francisco (San Francisco, California)
  9. Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, California)
  10. Grand Canyon University (Phoenix, Arizona)
  11. Seattle University (Seattle, Washington)

Why the Move?

For GCU, this move marks another significant milestone. Over the past decade, GCU has transitioned from a Division II powerhouse to a competitive Division I program. Their men’s basketball team, for instance, has earned NCAA Tournament berths in recent years and finished the 2023-24 season with an impressive 30 wins and a top-50 NET ranking​​.


What Does This Mean for GCU?

Joining the WCC expands GCU’s footprint and brings them into the fold with other prestigious programs. They’ll be competing in 14 of the 16 sports sponsored by the WCC, including basketball, baseball, soccer, and beach volleyball​​. This move not only boosts GCU’s athletic profile but also enhances the competitive landscape of the WCC.

A Look to the Future

With this exciting development, GCU is poised to elevate its athletic programs even further. The WCC’s strong tradition of athletic excellence and academic integrity offers GCU student-athletes an unparalleled platform to showcase their talents on a national stage.

So, gear up, Antelopes fans! The future is looking bright for GCU in the West Coast Conference. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates as we inch closer to the 2025-26 season.

For more details on GCU’s transition to the WCC, you can check out the official announcements on the GCU News website and the West Coast Conference website.

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