BGSU Bucket List: A list of must-see places and activities for students to experience during their time at BGSU

BGSU Bucket List: A list of must-see places and activities for students to experience during their time at BGSU

The BGSU Bucket List is your ultimate guide to the must-see places and must-do activities on campus. As a BGSU student, you'll have plenty of opportunities to make the most of your time on campus with these exciting and fun activities. From attending a Falcon game to exploring the BGSU Arboretum, here are 12 things you need to add to your BGSU bucket list:

  1. Attend a Falcon Game: Whether you're a die-hard sports fan or just looking for a fun and energetic atmosphere, attending a Falcon game is a must-do activity for every BGSU student. From football to basketball and hockey, there's a sport for everyone to enjoy. 
  1. Visit the BGSU Planetarium: Discover the mysteries of the universe with a trip to the BGSU Planetarium. With shows that educate and entertain, this unique experience will take you on a journey through space and time.
  1. Attend Campus Fest: Campus Fest is an annual event that celebrates all the amazing clubs and organizations available to BGSU students. This is a great opportunity to discover new interests and meet fellow Falcons.
  1. Take a Walk through the BGSU Arboretum: Take a break from studying and explore the beautiful BGSU Arboretum. With a variety of plants and wildlife, this peaceful space is the perfect place to clear your mind and connect with nature.
  1. Join an Intramural Team: Get active and make new friends by joining an intramural sports team. From volleyball to dodgeball and soccer, there's a sport for everyone to enjoy.
  1. Check Out the BGSU Art Galleries: BGSU is home to several art galleries that showcase works by students, faculty, and guest artists. Attend an exhibit and discover new artists and styles.
  1. Attend a Greek Life Event: BGSU is home to many sororities and fraternities that host events throughout the year. Attend a philanthropy event or social gathering to get a taste of Greek life!
  1. Attend the BGSU Homecoming Parade: Join in the BGSU tradition and show your Falcon pride by attending the Homecoming Parade. This fun and festive event brings together students, faculty, and community members for a great time.
  1. Go Bowling at the Union: The Union has a bowling alley that's perfect for hanging out with friends and having some fun competition. Challenge your friends and see who the ultimate bowling champ is!
  1. Take a Class Outside of Your Major: Expand your knowledge and explore new subjects by taking a class outside of your major. BGSU offers a variety of courses that cater to diverse interests.
  2. Attend a Concert at the Stroh Center: Catch a live performance by your favorite artist or band at the state-of-the-art Stroh Center. With a variety of events throughout the year, you're sure to find something that piques your interest.
  3. Take a Photo with Freddie and Frieda: Strike a pose with BGSU's beloved falcon mascots, Freddie and Frieda, and share the photo on social media to show off your Falcon spirit.  

This BGSU Bucket List is a must-read for every student looking to make the most of their time on campus. With so many exciting and fun activities to choose from, you're sure to have a memorable and enjoyable college experience at BGSU. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring and checking off those boxes on your BGSU Bucket List!

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