What's New in 2022

What's New in 2022

I am kicking myself that I couldn't get this "New in '22" blog out on 2/2/2022, the ultimate day of celebration for silver medalists and second-born children, such as myself, but nonetheless the date on which this is published doesn't take away from the absolute haul of new products and universities that we are bringing to our fans in 2022. 

It also feels slightly weird to be sharing our newest products and collections almost a third into the year, but we wanted to put in all the legwork first. Simply writing about a new license is no fun unless we can show the finished products that go with it, so please peruse this list of our newest licenses and tell your friends if you see their alma mater!

Roughly this time last year I published a much shorter blog about our six newest universities and then a summer blog recapping another four new licenses and bunch of new products, which put our license total to an even 40. Being a sucker for multiples of five and, we went and added another twenty licenses and well over one hundred new products to our collection. 

  • Abilene Christian University
    • I love the purple and gray theme and admittedly did not know a lot about ACU until their huge upset of Texas in last year's men's basketball tournament. A great color scheme with lots of variations looks great on our car and cornhole decals. 
  • Arkansas State University
    • A disappointing football season this year but tremendously fun group the last few years with Omar Bayless and Kirk Merritt. If you don't tear up listening to former coach Blake Anderson talking about his late wife, you don't have a heart.
  • Belmont University
    • Rock solid men's basketball program in the heart of football country, even after long-time head coach handed off the reins to Casey Alexander. A fun mascot with a classic red and blue color scheme that makes for a great cornhole board collection.
  • Bemidji State University
    • Nothing against our Wildcat and Bulldog friends, but I love a geographically specific mascot like the Beavers. One of the few colleges to start with both decals and a t-shirt, their logo instantly became a shop favorite.
  • Bethune-Cookman University
    • Helping promote HBCUs is important, and I hope they are not the last to join our collections. Their academic circular logo is one of my favorites and a classic burgundy and gold color combo will look great on any product.
  • Cal State Fullerton
    • A bummer they don't have their big elephant logo anymore, the Fullerton Titans are a baseball powerhouse that boasts alumni the likes of Justin Turner and Matt Chapman. I'm a sucker for the orange and blue combo.
  • Eastern Washington University
    • If anyone can somehow get us in touch with Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp, I'm sure he would love to add an EWU car decal to his Tesla or whatever he drives. The EWU eagle is genuinely one of the most creative logos that I've ever seen.
  • Florida Gulf Coast University
    • Dunk City! Who can forget the Eagles' incredible run to the Sweet 16 as a 15-seed in 2013? Similar to what I said about Bemidji State, I like the color scheme for FGCU going for more tropical and involving a wide palette than most colleges do.
  • Fordham University
    • No, it is not a pick-up truck with an Easter dinner in the back. Fordham has one of the prettiest campuses in the heart of New York City. The maroon and black looks great in a variety of styles of decals.
  • Houston Baptist University
    • The vintage HBU combo has to be one of my favorites, not just of the new universities but in our entire catalog. I don't know how many huskies hang out in Houston given the heat, but hey, the logos are great.
  • Lake Superior State University
    • Not LeBron's Lakers but your Lakers of the north. With a timeless anchor logo and a powerful hockey program, it almost felt negligent to not pursue a license as a proud Michigan company.
  • Lehigh University
    • A small school outside of Philadelphia, I initially only heard of Lehigh because a classmate of mine in high school attended Lehigh after graduating. Like many other east coast schools, they are a lacrosse powerhouse and believe it or not, the brown on brown logo works.
  • University of Maryland-Baltimore County
    • Impossible to dislike for a few reasons. One - not just a dog mascot but a full on golden retriever and B - made history as the first 16 seed to ever win a men's NCAA tournament game. 
  • Michigan Tech University
    • So far north it's basically Canada, getting Michigan Tech was another point of pride because of the in-state connection. We went all out for the Huskies, with 5 decals and cornholes each and a t-shirt ready to go.
  • University of Minnesota-Duluth
    • A bulldog very similar to our friends at Ferris, Duluth's Champ is iconic as is their hockey team. Back to back NCAA champs in 2018 and 2019 and currently #8 in the NCAA men's hockey standings, we also pulled out all the stops with 5 decals, cornholes, and our first ever heather maroon t-shirt.
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City
    • ROOS! An incredibly original mascot and an equally incredible design. If you take a close look at one of the decals, note all of the shadowing and details of the mascot's sweater and how the colors subtly change from one to the next. Just a gem of a branding scheme.
  • Northwood University
    • I don't have the best memories at Northwood - my high school football team held training camp there and on the first day I blew out my knee and had to go to the hospital. But that's not their fault! Great shades of blues make for a great logo set that for which we have high hopes.
  • Oral Roberts University
    • Oral Bob - the team of leading NCAA scorer Max Abmas and the Davids that brought down Goliath Ohio State in the first round last year. Oddly enough, now we have the whole city of Tulsa locked down.
  • Valdosta State University
    • Like Ferris State, an excellent D2 football program. In fact, they have defeated each other in recent years to be D2 national champion, and should more than likely continue their excellence for years to come. 
  • Valparaiso University
    • Recently changing their name to the Beacons, they have a fantastic array of logos and artwork that will inevitably be a great collection of cornhole decals (and perhaps a shirt!). 

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