Introducing.. *Drumroll Please*.. Gruff Sparty Joggers!

Introducing.. *Drumroll Please*.. Gruff Sparty Joggers!

You’ve seen it everywhere, athleisure IS IN! Believe it or not, the Juicy Couture tracksuit has made a comeback. Whether you’re running errands or going to class, comfort is everything. As a college student (and I think I can speak for many MSU Spartans), I take “comfort is everything” to a whole other level!

Introducing: Nudge Joggers

Our best-selling MSU Gruff Sparty design embroidered on high-quality joggers. Available in dark heather grey and our best selling camo (yes, camo has also made a comeback). Our dark heather gray joggers are available in men’s and women’s styles! Now let’s talk about the joggers themselves. The material is 80/20 cotton/polyester blend fleece. If that doesn’t mean anything to you just know that means SOFT, SOFT SOFT!  Blindstitch and coverstitch sewing. Elastic waistband with shoestring drawcord. Embroidered in-house for superior quality. 

Our Joggers: Styled

My favorite part about these new joggers is how they can be styled. Contrary to popular belief, athleisure doesn’t always have to look “messy” or “lazy.” Our  joggers pair perfectly with our Gruff Sparty hoodies and t-shirt (reference the amazing sketches I put together below). 

#1- I present the “Matching Set.” I know that this is not for everyone. You even get some “where are your clothes?” comments. Matching sets are a great way to take your athleisure to the next level. It’s almost like you’re wearing pajamas but in a more sophisticated way. Finish this outfit off with your favorite pair of sneakers and VOILA!

#2- For this second outfit I decided to tone it down a bit. If you’re not into the matching set trend, this is for you. I paired our heather gray gruff sparty joggers with our best-selling heather green gruff sparty t-shirt. This outfit is made for those who want maximum comfort. There is a reason this t-shirt is one of our best-selling MSU products. It’s just THAT soft!

Just the Beginning

This is just the start of our dive into the world of joggers. We love listening to your feedback. What type of Michigan State apparel would you like to see? Looking for us to expand our joggers to other universities? We want to make what you want to wear. Be aware…once you start buying our apparel you might not be able to stop! 


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