"Beer" With Me People...

"Beer" With Me People...

Michigan Be Hoppy Car Decal

Michigan is heating up. Everywhere you look you can see the signs of another glorious Michigan summer. Beaches are open, pontoons are coasting, camp grounds are rocking, and craft beer is flowing. Yep, that’s right, I said it. Michigan is HUGE in the craft beer industry. Did you know that there are currently 205 registered breweries in Michigan alone? Hop up because it’s road trip time!

Wait! Sit back down. You can’t go anywhere yet. What were you thinking? First, you must prepare the essentials you will need for this epic voyage! Geez.   

Step 1: Dress appropriately. How do you do that you ask? It’s easy. You need a Be Hoppy t-shirt! Show off your commitment to Michigan’s craft beer industry with this completely unique shirt; only available from Nudge Printing. This trademarked design is available in two different styles for your pleasure. 

Michigan Be Hoppy

Step 2: Go to the Michigan Brewers Guild and print off a map of Michigan’s breweries.

Michigan Breweries Map

Step 3: Convince someone to be your designated driver. Safety first, people!

Michigan Be Hoppy Baseball Tee

So let’s put on our tee’s, crack open a cold one, and Be Hoppy because this Michigan summer has begun!


Carla Sawyers

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  • Mike Cousins

    Please bring this sticker and shirt back!!! I need a new one of each. Loved this design. Cheers!!

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