We are so excited to have all the Michigan State University Spartans back in action! The city of East Lansing is just so much more awesome with the streets, bars, restaurants, and shops filled with MSU students and staff. Welcome week at Michigan State is by far one of the best weeks a student has during the entire school year...at least from my experience. Moving in, meeting your neighbors, catching up with friends, seeing what's new around town is something I looked forward to every year at State. If you are moving in to your new pad, check out our wall decals here. Our wall decals are made out of material that you can stick up and reposition over and over again without leaving a residue behind. The best part is that next year when you move into a different apartment, dorm, or house you can take this with you. Another major plus is never having to patch up holes in the wall because you don't need to use nails or anything. Our CW Decals will ensure that you will get that long anticipated security deposit back ;)  Don't forget to browse our Sparty car decals too...our number one seller is the Gruff Sparty car decal. Love the Gruff!

Enjoy this week as you make memories here at Michigan State!



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