Merchandise FOR Spartans made BY Spartans IN East Lansing, Michigan

We offer merchandise FOR Spartans made BY Spartans IN East Lansing, Michigan. There's no doubt that every Spartan fan has multiple Michigan State shirts and sweatshirts. But where are they from? Most likely from some Amazon store that sells hundreds of different colleges' clothing and printed in Georgia, Ohio, or someplace outside of East Lansing, Michigan. We are proud to say that we are Michigan State University Alumni owned and operated and all of our products are made in East Lansing, Michigan. We appreciate all of our customers who chose to support a small local business and ultimately put money back into Spartan Nation. MSU is the only college Nudge Printing has a collegiate license with simply because we want to focus all of our time and energy on spreading the Sparty love all across the country. We understand that if you live somewhere like Phoenix, Seattle, or Los Angeles you can't just easily grab a new Spartan t-shirt at your nearest Student Book Store, Campus Den, or Target. That's why we offer FREE shipping to anywhere in the United States of America so we can cater to those huge Spartan fans outside of the East Lansing area. So put your trust us that when you buy from Nudge Printing you're receiving a genuine and authentic Michigan State apparel printed in East Lansing, Michigan. 

Nudge Printing Michigan State University Spartan Apparel made in Beast Lansing, Michigan

| Photo taken by Daniel Couvertier |

Written by Brittany Viscomi.

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