NEW: Michigan State Hoodies!

NEW: Michigan State Hoodies!


Michigan State Spartan Pullover Hoodies

A lot goes into making a terrific hoodie. First off, it needs to be soft. EXTREMELY soft. It can't ride up your waist when you wear it or have an itchy tag that drives you crazy. It needs to be soft on the inside as well as the outside. And the hood actually needs to fit appropriately.. even if it never gets used. 

That is why we have tested a variety of different cuts, styles, materials, and manufactures in order to find what we feel is the BEST hoodie available. 

Our hoodies are made from a mix of 56% cotton and 44% polyester. We've found this combination to wash well and leave a soft pillow case feeling on the skin. The shirts are manufactured by Hanes and uses' their nano technology during the manufacturing process. 

We currently have our two most popular Michigan State University t-shirt designs on our hoodies: Spartan Grunge Helmet and our Grunge Gruff Sparty. Both are printed right here in Spartan Country. Only a few miles from Michigan State University's campus. 

The Spartan Grunge Helmet is screen printed on a charcoal colored hoodie with white ink. The Grunge Gruff Sparty's design has two colors.. white and Michigan State Green. This green ink is specifically tailored to the specific color pantone outlined by Michigan State University. 

Both hoodies are also officially licensed with MSU along with all of our other products (Car Decals, Wall Decals, and T-Shirts). 

Worried about buying the wrong size? No worries.. we offer free return shipping and exchanges! 

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