Great Gifts in Pretty Little Packages

Not sure if you all know this but our vinyl car decals all come nicely packaged in hangable clear bags. We believe it's important for our decals to be protected during shipping. That's why we go the extra mile in our packaging to ensure you're getting your decals in perfect shape. Most other companies that sell stickers simply send you the sticker by itself with no packaging protection at all. Don't go unprotected when buying your decals!

These decals make pretty great gifts too! If you want to ship these to a friend far far away to bring them a little Spartan Nation to their neck of the woods, they come professionally packaged and look super nice. We promise we will never just throw an unpackaged naked decal in an envelope and ship it to them. We also never put an invoice or any pricing information along with your orders so no worries there.

We also have recently added more in-depth application instructions on the back of our packaging. We hope these upgraded directions help everyone apply their precious decals correctly. If you have any questions how to apply our vinyl decals feel free to shoot us an email,, for a quick response.

If you're wondering why we put them in hangable bags it's because we wholesale thousands of decals to retail stores who display them on racks. That's also how we show them off at the arts and craft shows we attend. Well I hope this helps you fully understand the products you'll be receiving when you order a decal!

By: Brittany Viscomi

Nudge Printing Michigan State University Gruff Sparty Decal Sticker Packaging

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