How To: Apply a Decal

Here is a helpful guide to applying one of our high tack adhesive MSU vinyl decals. Most of our customers use these decals to stick on the outside of their car, van, or truck, but for the purpose of this video we are applying it to the back of our printer/cutter. These can also be applied to iPads, electronics, skateboards, long boards, desks, or any flat surface. Hope this video helps!

Step #1 - Clean the Surface

  • Before you start sticking your new decal all willy nilly make sure that you clean the surface! The last thing you want is to try and stick your decal to some dust or dirt. 

Step #2 - Peel the Decal from the Backing

  • You'll notice that your decal is sandwiched between a paper backing and a clear transfer sheet. First, peel the decal and transfer sheet from the paper backing.

Step #3 - Stick the Decal to the Surface

  • You're ready to stick the decal to your recently cleaned surface! Make sure you line up the decal exactly the way you want it! You'll have a heck of a time repositioning a car decal once it's already stuck. (Side note - this is a perfect time to mention that only our outdoor car decals have a high tack adhesive. All of our indoor wall decals are completely repositionable and removable. Check them out here.)

Step #4 - Smooth with Hand or Card

  • Now, use your hand or a plastic card to smooth out the decal. Make sure you press firmly! 

Step #5 - Remove the Transfer Sheet

  • The clear transfer sheet that is on the top of your decal serves two purposes. First, to make it easy for you to position the decal and all of its pieces right where you want it. Secondly, to protect the decal when you are applying it. Make sure that you pull the transfer sheet off slowly! That'll help keep the position of your decal just the way you want it. 

Well that's it our fellow Spartans! Don't forget to stock up on your favorite Michigan State decals here at

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