Car Decals vs. Wall Decals - What's the difference?

Car Decals vs. Wall Decals - What's the difference?

Car Decals vs Wall Decals

Today we wanted to spend a little time providing some clarification on one of our most frequently asked questions. Many of our loyal customers have found themselves curious about the difference between a wall decal and a car decal. To clear up any confusion and get a better understanding of each decal’s unique qualities, just keep reading. We have all the answers. 

Here’s the short answer. Use wall decals inside and car decals outside. 

Here’s the long answer and more importantly, why you should follow this sage advice. 

As previously stated, use a wall decal inside of a house or place of residence. Wall decals are purposefully made for easy relocation and removal. Trust us when we say landlords will appreciate you leaving their walls intact, and you’ll appreciate not ruining your decal when it’s taken down or repositioned. 

Wall decals are made from a polyester vinyl and have a less sticky tack than our car decals. To reduce the risk of a ruined decal, we advise against placing them in any outside environment. Doing so may lead to fading images, disappointment, running ink, disintegration of tack, sadness, ruined decals, and other irreversible side effects. Contact your Nudge representative immediately if any of these symptoms persist for more than one week. 

Car decals on the other hand are essentially weather proof. Because they are a thicker material and have a stronger tack, the durability of the product keeps it in place regardless of unpredictable elements. Even if the vehicle sporting your decal is subject to all seasons – summer, autumn, construction, winter, or spring – you can trust that your Nudge product will stay in place. 

A word to the wise – don’t use a car decal on any of your walls, your friends walls, or your work-places walls. There will come a time when that decal must be taken down, and we know from experience that the removal of a car decal on a wall does not lead to positive results. Car decals belong on cars or other permanent surfaces. 

Plain and simple, wall decals are best used and preserved inside on your walls and car decals are not. Use your car decals outside where work and look the best.

This helpful advice brought to you courtesy of Nudge Printing.

by Alison Whittaker

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