Spartan Pride

A friend of ours recently featured us on her popular blog "Learning to be a Wife".  She's a fellow Spartan too! Check out her blog, it's super funny, heart-warming, and has lots of cool recipes...enjoy!

Spartan Pride

I am a graduate of Michigan State University and proud of it! I bleed green, as they say. I loved my time at Michigan State attending football games, the parties, ordering pizza at 1 a.m., meeting lifelong friends, and making countless memories. I have as much school spirit as the next person which is why I was THRILLED to get the opportunity to work with Campus Wall Decals. Campus Wall Decals is one of those companies that I love their product so much I would have purchased one anyway.

They are an awesome company that will help you turn “your place into a Sparty space!” And as a Spartan graduate, I’m happy to put my touch on Garth’s man cave. I chose this one and I am so happy with my choice. I knew just where I wanted to put it as well.


I chose this area to be my “MSU corner” that will be filled with more Michigan State memorabilia as the years go on and we make this basement the ultimate man cave. The rest of the basement will be for Garth to fill with his theater seating, Manchester United paraphernalia and big screen TV. All in due time, though. Money does not grow on trees in these parts.

It was nice to get the man cave started though with our first piece of art work on the wall. The decal was easy to peel and stick. It really was as easy as that! And the best part? They are reusable, removable, and no tools are required.

Look how great it looks! I love it.

These decals make the perfect gift for a Michigan State graduate. Shipping is only $1.99 on ANY order shipped in the U.S.!! And with money back guaranteed warranty, what have you got to lose? As if you weren’t sold already, I will also add that a portion of the sales goes back to support MSU. So head over to the website, chose your favorite decal, and hang it up in your man cave, dorm, apartment, garage, in your car, wherever!

So, what if you didn’t go to MSU? Campus Wall Decals can custom make wall decals and stickers representing your school or organization. Forget the old ways of fundraising; this is the new and improved way. For more information and to sign up go here.

Also, be sure to check out their blog and sign up for their mailing list to keep up with new products, promotions, etc. You won’t be disappointed!

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