Congratulations MSU Grads!

You did it! You graduated from the prestigious Michigan State University!! It's bittersweet though isn't it? On one hand you have accomplished such a huge achievement, and on the other hand you don't want to leave this spectacular place you've called home for the past several years and step into the "real" world. Just remember, NO MORE FINAL EXAMS!! That always helped me at least. One thing you could do is get MSU memorabilia to decorate your new place with to remember the good (and maybe the BEST) times you had at State. Or as you get that first job after graduation, put a little Spartan flare in your cubical or office. It's always a good way for your new co-workers to get to know a bit about you, it's certainly a conversation starter that's for sure! CW Decals are perfect for work spaces because they don't leave residue behind so you can move your decal to your new corner office when you get that promotion ;) Check out some of our customer photo's of their offices below.

Here's a link to the MSU Alumni Association if you want to keep up with your alma mater, Go GREEN!




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