Top 5 MSU Graduation Gifts

Ok, Mom and Dad.. You never thought the day would come! Your son or daughter is finally graduating from Michigan State University and becoming the adult you've always wanted them to be. And maybe even more importantly, no more MSU Tuition Bills or late night phone calls from your kids asking you for money! But let's face it.. you're not out of the woods yet. You still have to buy a graduation gift.

Being a recent MSU Graduate myself, here are my TOP 5 Graduation gifts that any MSU Grad would love!

#5 - Cash

Probably the least heartfelt graduation gift out there.. but hey, what graduate wouldn't want a thick roll of $100 bills to get them started? How much money should you give? If I had to take a guess, they are probably expecting anywhere from $200-$500 bucks. Anything more than that and you'll surely be the best parent out there. 

#4 - Michigan State University Diploma Frame
As your child heads out in the working world what better to show off their accomplishment than a beautiful MSU Diploma Frame? It will look great in their new office and most definitely impress their new boss. If this is the route you choose, expect to pay anywhere from $100 - $250 depending on where you get it. You can shop online (I recommend or head out to East Lansing and shop the local MSU Stores. 

#3 - Carry On Luggage
Ok, hear me out. Putting a bow on a suitcase might not sound like the coolest gift out there, but your child will thank you the first time they use it! Maybe even spruce it up a little and put some spending cash inside before you give it to them or go even further and get him a gift card to Southwest Airlines

#2 - Apple iPad
Chances are, your son is probably already nagging you to buy him an iPad. You've heard countless reasons as to why it will help boost their GPA, make him want to study more, and it will be the direct result of him becoming a successful professional. Well, believe it or not, he's not too far off. The iPad is a GREAT tool for studying and at work. Yes, he'll also use it to look at hilarious videos on youtube, but one thing is for'll be the coolest parent on the planet. 

#1 - MSU Wall Decals of Course!
I'll be the first to admit that I'm a little biased that our MSU Gear and Merchandise is #1 on this list, BUT they do make terrific gifts. Whether  he's moving back at home or getting a new apartment, he'll want to bring a part of MSU with him. Our wall graphics are easy to put up and look great in any room. Plus, they can be removed and re-stuck hundreds of times! And probably best of all, compared to the rest of this list, they are pretty inexpensive. Our Spartan Wall Decals start at $7.99 and go up to $29.99 for our Biggest MSU Wall Decal!

Check out our entire collection!

MSU Spartan Graduation Gift Ideas - Sparty Mascot

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