What Are Our Top Selling MSU Products?

What Are Our Top Selling MSU Products?

Nudge has been around probably longer than you'd believe. When I was first hired on, I was shocked to learn that we've been in business since 2011, originally selling strictly XL Wall Decals that you learned about in my most recent blog post. Since then, we've pivoted to a bunch of different products, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, youth shirts, and a whole lot more coming (wink wink). 

So what are our best selling products? It's a good question, both out of simple curiosity and because it's also helpful for us to know where to direct our efforts. I'm not going to spend time designing and proofing a bunch of products that I know our fans won't like, so this is as helpful for me as it is interesting for you (hopefully). 

I did my best to look back through our whole store history, so this might not be 100% accurate, but here are Nudge's best selling Spartan products!

#3: Gruff Sparty Car Decal

This is a classic. Michigan State has an incredible set of vintage decals; between the interlocking Michigan Agricultural College logo, the vintage State script from the 1979 National Championship team, and of course, Gruff Sparty, Michigan State does an incredible job graphically connecting generations. Of the lot, Gruff Sparty is the most popular vintage decal. This might be a little skewed because it's offered in two color schemes, but either way, why is this one so popular? Here is my theory: because Sparty is one of the most recognizable mascots in the country, the Gruff Sparty edition is a unique way to show off your Spartan pride without following the crowd of getting a simple Spartan helmet decal or block S. Whoever drives past, from the state of Michigan or not, it is obvious that it is an MSU car, but it's a unique MSU car! The State Script and MAC logos are seen on the basketball team every once in a while, but the football team doesn't ever use the Gruff Sparty on their helmet (if they have, my apologies), so it's juuuust a little more obscure than our other sets of decals. 

#2: Relentless T-Shirt

I must admit, I'm giving myself a pat on the back for this one because this one was my baby. The idea for this really came out of nowhere other than seeing Mel Tucker end every tweet with #RELENTLESS, and I figured what better way to get behind the new coach than by buying into his new mantra? I'm a big fan of coaches finding a common theme for their team to rally behind; many of them are extremely corny, but PJ Fleck's Row the Boat is a perfect example of uniting a bad team and turning it around. Coach Tucker's message of relentlessness doesn't only apply to the football team, it also applies to fighting COVID and us as a society overcoming the pandemic and quarantine. The Spartans of ancient history were nothing if not a relentless group, so it's a perfect description paired with a simple shirt on our always comfortable 60-40 cotton polyester blend. Also, as of yesterday, this shirt is available for pre-order with Gruff Sparty!

MSU Relentless t-shirt

#1: MSU Cornhole Set

I will admit this one surprised me a little bit! I knew these were selling well (especially as the weather started to warm up), but this has been the best selling Michigan State item in Nudge's history! This specific listing is a study in customizability with multiple combinations available to personalize your cornhole boards. For a school with as rich a tailgating history as MSU's, it's crucial that any tailgater or fan has a great cornhole set. And now that it is warmer outside, what better way to prep for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and the impending football season than with a cornhole set that allows you to pick and choose which stickers go on your boards?

Are there any products you'd like to see us produce? There's no point in being in business if you won't like what we make, so we want to hear from you about what you want to see next! 

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