Ours vs Theirs: If the Shirt Fits...

Ours vs Theirs: If the Shirt Fits...

In an earlier piece of literature that is now being regarded as one of the most magnificent works ever to reach the Western canon, I broke down for our readers and customers how our shirts are so unbelievably soft and why they are so much better than a 100% cotton shirt.

Today, I will be giving you indisputable video evidence as to why our shirts look and feel so much better than your average 100% cotton shirt. In addition to being soft to the touch in your hands and torso, they are form fitting enough to make it feel like a warm hug but not so form fitting to the point that you should feel bad about going for an extra McDouble during your quarantine. 


Left: a Nudge shirt (Fabricated Customs is our sister shop that prints all of our apparel - check them out if you need custom orders for your business or schools!)

Right: your basic 100% cotton shirt

Our subject is wearing a shirt sized "Large" in the left photo and an shirt sized "XL" in the right photo, so it will naturally look a little off simply because it is the wrong size for him, but still pay attention to the length of the shirt. The Nudge shirt goes down the same length as the XL cotton shirt despite being a size smaller. Compare that to the sleeves, which are not only slightly shorter, but hug the shoulder and bicep a little bit more for a much more comfortable fit. 

I don't always like to wear undershirts under a plain t-shirt, and you don't have to do that under a Nudge shirt. It is so comfortable and falls so naturally onto your figure that it feels like one, but under the 100% cotton shirt, you almost have to just because there's so much room underneath the garment, it feels like a parachute. 

 As you wear a cotton shirt more and more, the neck and lower midriff sections will slowly lose their shape your shirt will look tired and old like that dude from the Downy commercial.

Image result for downy half washed commercial

Our shirt on the left has been worn and washed repeatedly for over a year and still has held its shape and form. See the photo below for a more detailed comparison: 

 Cotton t-shirt vs Cotton-polyester blend t-shirt

Unless you live at Disney World or on Bourbon Street and are a professional statue, you won't be spending every hour of the day with your arms at your sides. Look at how exaggerated the differences are when our subject raises his arms. 

Arms down, there isn't much of a difference in the torso, but the second you start to move, the form is compromised and the cotton garment moves as one. The shoulders and arms show the greatest change, the sleeves don't lose width or length in a Nudge shirt, but in a cotton shirt there is approximately enough of a gap to park a small car - and that will happen in a medium, large, or extra large, it's just the shape of the shirt and how all cotton fits compared to our cotton-poly blend.

The difference is wild when you try one on for yourself. You might save a few bucks at the start with a cotton shirt, but it will deteriorate and eventually get so uncomfortable that you have to buy a new one and you end up spending more money than if you simply just bought the Nudge one in the first place.

See for yourself in our store!

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