The Softest Shirts You'll Find

The Softest Shirts You'll Find

Even though I am pushing 30 years old, the majority of my wardrobe is college-themed apparel. I like to show pride in my team and remember some of the incredible athletic achievements that I've been fortunate enough to witness in the past few years. Whether it's after work or relaxing on a weekend, you can find me in one of the same 4 or 5 shirts, mixing and matching them with the same 4 or 5 hoodies that cover up my aggressively doughy physique to convince people that I do in fact have the wardrobe of an adult. 

Changing out of your work clothes into something more comfortable garments isn't exactly a novel idea, but the fact that I rotate through the same handful of shirts says a few things about quality (it also says that I'm a creature of such rigorous habit that I should probably broaden my horizons). My primary rooting loyalties do not fall in the state of Texas, but the shirt I wear more than any other is my Texas State "TS" shirt (it's actually a shirt that got printed incorrectly so I was lucky enough to take it home). It's very random, especially considering I hadn't even heard of Texas State until I was in college myself.

So why am I so attached to a shirt with a misprinted design of a school to which I have no formal affiliation other than this shirt itself? 

Simply put, it's just softer and more comfortable than any other shirt that I've ever owned, and that includes the aforementioned 4 or 5 that I constantly wear. And I get it if you're skeptical about reading that from a random dude on the Internet, but 

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Between working for Nudge, my weird obsession with college football, and working for a Minor League Baseball marketing and promotions department the last 5 years, I've collected my fair share of custom printed t-shirts. 

And nothing comes close to this precious Texas State t-shirt. Every Saturday morning, when I wake up to my cat chewing on my phone cord, I throw on this shirt, make a pot of coffee, and watch some soccer until it's time to get on with the day, most likely still wearing the Texas State shirt. 

So what makes it so comfortable? The shirts we use are a premium 60% cotton, 40% polyester blend, which brings a number of advantages over a traditional 100% cotton t-shirt.

  • Lighter fabric. Most t-shirts these days are pretty comparable in terms of weight, but hold a 100% cotton shirt in one hand and a Nudge shirt in the other and you'll be able to feel a difference. Wear a 100% cotton shirt on an 85-degree day down in San Marcos and it will turn colors within the hour, but if I wear my favorite TS shirt to a Bobcat football game in the Texas heat, I will feel just fine. 
  • Durability. You can wear our shirts as much as you'd like and it will stretch and deform much less than a 100% cotton shirt. On your cotton favorites, the neck line and sleeves will slowly billow out to the point where it looks like you're wearing a pillow case with holes in it, but not in a Nudge shirt. 85% of our customers agree that they fit as expected and remain that way long after they purchase it. They run true to size and stay that way!
  • Form fitting. I am a larger human so more often than not, if I go up a size with a cotton shirt, it looks like I'm wearing a dress, and if I go down a size it looks like I got lost in the youth section at Target. Nudge's shirts are form fitting so you'll look great no matter what (that's not an excuse to have a second Twinkie). 

Look at it! You can almost see how soft it is!

If you haven't tried on a Nudge shirt, you are seriously missing out. They feel great, fit great, and stay that way. 

See for yourself!

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