How to remove a decal from your car without scratching it

How to remove a decal from your car without scratching it

Nothing lasts forever (except maybe glitter, that junk is impossible to get rid of). But car decals are meant to be temporary. So what's the best way to take them off without accidentally damaging your paint?

The simplest way is to pick at the edge with your fingernail. Work on a corner until you lift enough of the decal to grab. Pinch that and pull slowly but firmly in the direction of the rest of the piece. Yeah, your whole life, you've been told to rip things off like a Band-aid — which is solid advice for toxic relationships, but not so much here.

The decal isn't reusable, so don't worry as it gets stretched and misshapen. Let it go. It has served you well and is ready to move on (goodnight, sweet prince).

Depending on how long you've had it on, it may leave behind some sticky residue. You can scrape the larger chunks away with a credit card or use something like Goo Gone for the more stubborn spots.

In rare cases, it may be stuck on so tight that you can't get that initial edge to lift. Using a hairdryer directly on the decal's surface will heat the adhesive enough to loosen it up.

That's it! You may want to give it a rinse with some soapy water and a microfiber cloth depending on how much residue is left behind, but it may not be necessary.

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