How to Have a Michigan Adventure

How to Have a Michigan Adventure

Michigan is a beautiful state. It has big cities, small towns, forests, lakes, rivers, and sprawling farmland. Are you a spontaneous person? Do you have a lot of time on your hands? Would you like to go on an impromptu adventure across Michigan’s countryside? Alrighty then! Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Type Crystal, MI into your GPS. Follow the directions and drive there.

Beautiful, isn’t it? The lake is lovely.

Step 2: When you are done exploring, type Crystal. MI into your GPS and select the other Crystal, MI.

Step 3: Proceed across Michigan’s countryside to the other Crystal, MI. Make sure you spend some time exploring. Don’t forget to check out the beautiful lake!

***For extra fun try to navigate without using your GPS.***

You will need the following items for your trip:

  • A full tank of gas.
  • A map of Michigan.
  • Snacks 

 That was fun, wasn’t it? Want to try it again? This technique also works with these other Michigan cities:

  • Burton
  • Dayton
  • Flat Rock
  • Pleasant
  • Highland Park
  • Sand Lake
  • Troy
  • Lakewood
  • And many others!

Have fun exploring Michigan! Keep your eyes peeled and you might find one of the 30 Michigan stores that sell Nudge Products!


by Carla Sawyers

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