How are Car and Wall Decals Made?

Selling only Michigan State car and wall decals, it seemed appropriate that all of our products should be made right here in East Lansing, MI. Listed below are three general steps we take to produce our products which are sold online as well as MSU stores. 


Step 1: Design

- Before we can produce anything, we first need to design the product and image as it will appear in the final revision. The majority of all our design work is done using Adobe Illustrator. From there, we can set the dimensions, import the MSU licensed designs, and set the area that will be cut using our printer. Once the design work is completed we send the digital file to print.MSU Sparty Wall Decal Design


Step 2: Printing

- All of the necessary equipment needed to make our products are located in our shop here in East Lansing. The main piece of equipment we use is our commercial grade Roland Printer/Cutter. With precision, this unit will not only print in a large format, but also cut through the top layer of our decals making them easier to peel. Depending on the product, we may also add an application transfer sheet to the top of the image. This allows the user to easily apply multiple details with one application. The transfer sheet can then be removed to unveil the applied MSU image. Roland Printer Cutter


Step 3: Packaging

- Next, we stick on the halographic collegiage image to our decals and then package and bag them for shipping or to be displayed in a nearby store. This often includes printing our own paper backings with instructions and our company information. Packaging quickly after production also allows us to maintain the quality of the product so our decals look great when you get them.MSU Gruff Sparty Wall Decal Garage


From start to finish, we are creating and selling the MSU Spartan merchandise you so proudly display in your homes and cars. We take great pride in making sure all of our products are performed excentlly and without flaws. 


Have more questions? Post a comment below and we'll do our best to answer it. 


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