CW Decals now in Student Book Store in East Lansing

NEWS ALERT: CW Decals are now sold in East Lansing's very own Student Book Store located at 421 E. Grand River Ave.
East Lansing, MI 48823. Get your Carbon Fiber Spartan Helmet and Gruff Sparty car and wall decals at SBS while you are picking up your textbooks and other MSU gear there. They also make great gifts for your friends too. Here's some examples of when it's a good idea to get a friend a Spartan decal:

Did your friend just graduate from the prestigious Michigan State University? Tell them they're awesome and get 'em an MSU decal.
Did your friend just go through a tough break-up? Tell them Sparty will love them unconditionally and get 'em an MSU decal.
Did your friend just have a baby? Start the kid off right and get 'em a Sparty decal for their nursery.
Did your friend just have a bad day? Encourage them to be tough like Gruff Sparty and get 'em an MSU decal.
Did your friend just get into a fender bender? Get 'em an MSU decal...they're perfect for covering up the dents.
Did your friend just get married? Tell them that couples that Sparty together stay together, get 'em an MSU decal.
Did your friend just move into a new house? Go Green or go home, get 'em an XL MSU decal for their garage or man cave.

Well those are just a few reasons to get a friend Michigan State car and wall decals. Be a good friend and start browsing all of our products here:

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