Decals vs. Stickers...what's the difference?

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Decals vs. Stickers...what's the difference?

We're glad you asked. Many people ask us what the real difference between a decal and sticker is. To us, decals are a more durable and longer lasting version of a sticker. In our mind they're like stickers on steroids. When we think of the term sticker, it reminds us of our elementary school days when we'd get a gold star sticker for doing something good. The kind of sticker that's cheap, temporary, and made of a thin material. This is why we don't want to classify our products as stickers...because people associate stickers with a lower standard. Our products are highly durable and meant to last a long time. They have a better quality than what a typical old-fashioned sticker would have. You may see the word sticker on our website because people may serach the phrase "Michigan State Stickers" and we still want those people to reach our website.  Overall, both decals and stickers can adhere to a surface - decals are just known for being more durable than stickers.  Well we hope that helps clears things up!

Which decal is your favorite?? Gruff Sparty, Michigan State Spartan Helmet, MSU Block S, Sparty Mascot, Sparty Statue, or the Michigan State Football logo?


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