NEW Product: State of Michigan Grunge Tee

Without a doubt, Michigan ranks at the top of the list in terms of having the best post-summer season. The changing autumn

State of Michigan Grunge T-Shirtlandscape of the Great Lakes state elicits a sense of awe and pride in tourists and residents alike. You’ve seen the billboards advertising color tours in the U.P. and listened to Tim Allen’s reassuring voice reminding us of how pure the season can be. It’s the time for carving pumpkins, having bonfires, and posting Instagram pictures with hashtags of reasons why you love the fall. You’ve wandered several corn mazes, picked apples, eaten your weight in cinnamon-sugar donuts, and spent at least $500 on Pumpkin Spice Latte’s from your friendly neighborhood Starbucks.Pumpkin Spice Latte

We wanted to do something special to celebrate this lovely time of year, so we jumped on the pumpkin spice bandwagon before it was too late and designed a t-shirt with a scented screen print. Now you can scratch n’ sniff the aroma of your favorite espresso based drink anytime you want.

No, we didn’t do that.

How awesome would that be?

We did, however, release a new design honoring our state’s natural beauty and caffeine addiction. Our new “State of Michigan Grunge Tee” cotton-poly blend tee comes to you from your loving state capital, in three fall inspired colors. What better way to celebrate fall than donning a locally made product, with a carefully selected screen print (sans pumpkin spice scent), perfectly outlining our beloved mitten state, and honoring every inch of land from lake to shining lake.

Buying and wearing this product will make every social media post about your love for your home state a little more believable. It’s possible that wearing it will even
reinforce your courageous decision to go into that haunted house over Halloween. It will definitely support local business and make you look super cool.

After it’s delivered, give your shirt a high-five and yourself a pat on the back for showing your Michigan pride and acknowledging that when you live in the best state, you must represent it well.State of Michigan Grunge T-Shirt

by Alison Whittaker

Available for Sale Here!

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