ESPN's College GameDay Signs by Nudge Printing

When ESPN's College GameDay announced they were coming to East Lansing for the Michigan State Spartans vs Oregon Ducks game on September 12, 2015 we knew we had to take advantage of our printer and make some pretty funny signs to get on TV. I'm happy to say Mission Accomplished! Our posters did get on TV and here are some snapshots of our College Gameday signs. We of course had to poke fun of Jim Harbaugh because we bleed green and it's only natural for us to dislike the new head coach of the University of Michigan. Our Jim Harbaugh "Are you not entertained?!" shirtless sign even got featured on the show. We were also voted one of the best College GameDay Signs of week 2 on, check it out here! The Lansing State Journal wrote an article about the signs too here. It's all in fun though, we seriously don't mean to hurt any feelings out there. We hope you get some laughs out of these!

For anyone interested in the Jim Harbaugh pale shirtless meme, here it is...

Here are the actual files of the posters too:


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