Extra Small Michigan State Vinyl Decals: A beer bottle wall of inspiration

We received a call from a customer wanting custom 2" Michigan State Spartan Helmet and Block "S" vinyl decals for a project he was doing in his basement. He said he searched everywhere on the internet looking for tiny MSU stickers and couldn't find any. He stumbled upon our website and noticed we sold Spartan decals so gave us a shout to see if we would make custom small 2" wide decal stickers for him. I was really surprised to hear to no one else offers smaller Michigan State vinyl decal stickers. At the time, we didn't know there was a need for small sized decals but then I realized that they would be perfect for putting on wedding centerpiece vases, or used for bridal and baby shower decorations and other crafts and DIY projects. Spartan fanatics often have parties that are Michigan State themed and I want to be able to provide high-quality, awesome looking vinyl decals. 

Crafting and DIY is super trendy right now. There's something very satisfactory about making something yourself and proud to show it off. Let me show you exactly what our customer created who originally inspired us to sell and offer extra small Michigan State Spartan vinyl decals. He has a man-cave in his basement with a bathroom. He wanted to combine two of his favorite things...Michigan State and Heineken Beer. He glued a bunch of empty green Heineken glass bottles together and took the labels off them. Then he applied our MSU vinyl decals to the bottles and arranged them to look like a giant MSU Block "S" logo. The result is pretty cool! What a fun idea to show off your Spartan Pride. I'm so glad he came to us looking for help with his project. I love seeing what creative things our customers do with our decals!

If you'd like your own extra small Michigan State Spartan Vinyl Decal Stickers for your project, click here!

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