Gruff Sparty - MSU Wall Decal

Looking for a Gruff Sparty MSU Wall Decal?? You've come to the right place!

All of our Michigan State Wall Decals are made of a highly durable self-adhesive media that can be stuck to pretty much any surface. They are completely removable and reusable. They'll stick and re-stick time after time without leaving any residue behind.

Our decals are made in East Lansing, Michigan. Great for sticking to any wall in your home, apartment, office, garage, or mancave. You can even stick them to your iPad or Laptop. Overhaul your wall with Gruff Sparty!

Check out both sizes here:

Small Gruff Sparty MSU Wall Decal  Price: $7.99

Large Gruff Sparty MSU Wall Decal  Price: $14.99