Say Hello to Our Newest Product: The MSU Windbreaker

Say Hello to Our Newest Product: The MSU Windbreaker

Living so close to our international headquarters here in Portland (I like saying international headquarters like we're a Fortune 500 company), I love having the opportunity to walk to work. It's a perfect way to mentally prepare for my day, focusing on my to-do list and my daily goals, all while getting my blood pumping so I won't fall asleep at my desk within the first 20 minutes of the day. 

Some of the winter mornings were a little challenging with wind and snow (I also take a different route in the morning and the evening, so every so often when it would snow I could actually say I walked a mile to work in the snow uphill both ways), and now that the weather is warmer, I don't have to wear as many layers, but finding the right layer can be tricky.

Until now.

About a week ago, we released our brand new embroidered Spartan Helmet windbreaker to the collection, a true original to our brand. It is the first time that we have ventured outside of the traditional apparel (that being anything other than cotton or cotton-poly), and it is the absolute perfect item to fight those brisk spring winds. But it isn't just good to fight the elements, it's great for a number of other reasons. 

It's Incredibly Lightweight

At only 2.5 ounces before embroidery, this windbreaker is about as light as our average youth t-shirt, so it is the perfect top layer for your spring wardrobe.

Because there is no interior lining other than the pockets and hood, you can move freely (I wore mine in the backyard while hitting some golf balls around yesterday and the swing felt great) and it won't feel too heavy if you wear it over a hoodie or a long sleeve t-shirt. You can also put your phone, keys, or mask in the two mesh-lined front pockets for some useful on-the-go storage (wear it with your cargo shorts for maximum capacity).

And It's Still Durable

I am incredibly hard on my clothing. Because my coordination is roughly between Bambi learning to walk on the ice and a child learning to brush their teeth for the first time, I constantly am bumping into things, snagging my sleeves, and zipping the garment in on itself. This windbreaker manages to prevent most of those problems (give me a week and I'm sure I'll find a way to get a hole in it somehow). With a reinforced zipper and rubber zipper pull, you don't have to worry about the zipper breaking or taking the garment with it when you zip or unzip. 

Look closely at the photo - the stitching next to the zipper column should prevent the zipper from grabbing anything but its own teeth, and the rubber pull makes it easier on your fingers and hands to grab it (admittedly I had never thought twice about having one of these, but it is a tiny detail that makes it so much nicer!).

It's Adjustable

Well, moreso than our t-shirts and other apparel items I suppose. My favorite part of this item is the 'tightening toggle waistband' that allows you to loosen or tighten the lowest part of the windbreaker so it can hug you around the waste or give you a little extra breathing room. This is great for if you're in between sizes, the wind is particularly strong on a given day, or you just like a looser or more snug fit on your person. 

There is a thin line of elastic that runs the circumference of the garment that you can loosen or tighten at your leisure. Like the zipper, it is a small difference that I never knew I needed until wearing this. 
A closer look at the tightening toggle and the mesh-lined pockets.
It also has elastic wristcuffs that are perfect for pulling your sleeves up for when the sunshine hits just right. I'm not sure about you but I always prefer to push up my sleeves rather than take something off and carry it around, so this is ideal.
It's One of a Kind
Not one-of-a-kind in that we are the only Spartan Helmet windbreaker on the market, but one-of-a-kind in the sense that this is entirely handcrafted. Full disclosure - hand embroidered does not mean sewn by hand, but Fabricated's embroidery expert, Christine, sets up all of the embroidery on individual garments and does every single Spartan Helmet. These are not mass produced, these are not produced by a robot, and they are not taken lightly. When you buy the Spartan Helmet windbreaker, you are buying hand-crafted quality!
Every Spartan Helmet is its own work of art, crafted and embroidered individually so you get nothing but the best. 
For as great as these items are, they won't be around forever! We are only offering these for sale through the end of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament which ends Monday, April 5th. Get yours today in white camo or black and forest camo!

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