MSU's Gruff Sparty on Lockdown

MSU's Gruff Sparty on Lockdown

Gruff Sparty College Vault

I bet you didn’t know that MSU has a vault of vintage logos. Well, they do, and Gruff Sparty resides there. It’s his new home, in fact. The Gruff Sparty design is very valuable to Michigan State University and they will go to great lengths to protect it. The University is cracking down, hardcore. The Gruff design is being restricted to only a few select people and/or companies for production. He’s so fancy that he can only grace the surface of the highest quality material. 

You and I both know that Gruff Sparty is special. That’s why the licensing group at MSU is limiting this design. What does that mean for you? It means that it’s going to be harder for people to GET THE GRUFF! Supply will be extremely limited because MSU is in the process of finding everyone who uses this design and is revoking the design from their portfolio!

The good news is this. You can get your Gruff fix right here at Nudge Printing because we have been granted the honor of producing such collegiate awesomeness as Gruff Sparty.  Now this is important, so listen up. You can ONLY get Nudge Printing Gruff on our website, Amazon, and Etsy pages. Spread the word and tell your friends because Gruff Sparty just got promoted to *elite* status. Spartan Fans unite, and get your Gruff on at

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Carla Sawyers

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