Where can I buy a Gruff Sparty Car Decal?

"Where can I buy a Gruff Sparty car decal?" you ask? This question has been asked by thousands of Michigan State University students and fans every year and has been a mystery....up until TODAY. We at Campus Wall Decals have created the much anticipated and asked for decal OF ALL TIME! Haha well I don't know about of all time, but it's definitely the #1 request that we have from our customers and friends. Now you can pimp your ride with Gruff Sparty. Our Gruff Sparty car decals will last up to 4 years and will withstand the horrid winters with no problem at all. Just like Gruff, these decals are tough! Gruff Sparty can also be applied to iPads, computers, surfboards, long boards, desks, tables, coolers, lockers, binders...and beyond.

Comes in 2 Sizes
Runt: 3.75" x 4.7" for $5
Jumbo: 8" x 10" for $10

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