Pick Your State: State Flag Car Decals (All 50 States Available!)

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Show your state pride in a new way with our new state flag car decals! If you've moved, are homesick, or just love everything about your home state then these new state flag decals are right for you.

We print your state's flag in rich color on semi-gloss vinyl to give the design a little bit of shimmer after it is applied. Decals are set to be printed 4.5" wide, but the height caries depending on the state you select because not every state's flag has the same dimensions.

Unlike our other decals, these state flags do not have the white outline. We cut them just along the border of the color so please be aware that a darker colored flag might be harder to see on a car window or darkly painted vehicle. 

Decals apply easily in minutes with no hardware or tools and will last for years through rain, snow, carwashes, and sunshine. But be careful - they aren't repositionable once they're on!

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