What is the old Michigan State Sparty logo's name?

What is the old Michigan State Sparty logo's name?

Take a stroll through Michigan State's campus in East Lansing and you'll see this guy everywhere. He's on t-shirts, posters, stickers, phone covers...you name it. But, what is his name exactly? Here at Nudge, we've heard lots of variations. Anywhere from Mean Sparty, Scruffy Sparty, Butch Sparty, Sparty Mug, Gruffy Sparty, Retro Sparty, Brewtus Sparty, Ugly Sparty, vintage Sparty, and Old Sparty. It seems that everyone has a different opinion and that it spreads through multiple generations of fans and alumni throughout Michigan State.  

Here's what we know...    You found me! The coupon code is: Congrats!

According to www.sportslogos.net, MSU has had several logos associated with the historic university. The two that come up most frequently today are the Spartan Helmet and the Block S. However, we did find that this particular sparty logo in question was used primarily in the 1980's although some people even remember seeing him as early as the 70's. Not only that, but that it was originally designed by the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity as listed at knowledgenetwork.alumni.msu.edu

This brings us to today.. 

Although he has many nicknames, there was only one source that we feel is the most reliable... the Michigan State University Licensing Department. According to the graphics that are provided us licensees, the official nomenclature is... *drum roll please*... GRUFF SPARTY!

Still skeptical? here's a screen clipping of MSU's graphics website: Gruff Sparty Official Name

No matter what your opinion, let's all agree to continue the charge of bringing this emblem back to action! What do you call him?? 


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    Oh interesting! Thanks for letting us know, we’ve updated the article!

  • Philip Sarge

    I would have to disagree with your time frame. He was used through at least the late 70’s, if not the early 70’s through the 80’s.

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